The train station of Bruges is located at the city border while our hotel is located in the city center. You can get from the station to our hotel by three means.

1. By walking.

Takes about 30 minutes. When leaving the station, cross the road and take left direction square 't Zand / Concertgebouw (is a large building covered with red tiles). On square 't Zand, take right by entering the shopping street Zuidzandstraat / Steenstraat. Walk until the market square (with the Belfry tower). On the market square, walk straight on to enter the Breydelstraat direction Burg square (leave Market square between Delvaux leather craft shop and the Beer Museum). On the Burg square, walk straight on to enter the Hoogstraat (leave Burg square between Crown Plaza Hotel and historical building). The Riddersstraat (where our hotel is located) is the third street at your left. The advantage of this walk is that you will have done already a lot of sightseeing.

2. By bus.

In front of the station, there is a bus station. Take a bus that indicate direction "CENTRUM". Before you enter a bus, just ask the driver if he has a stop at the market square. Once you arrive at the market square (you will recognise the Belfry Tower), follow directions as mentioned above.

3. By taxi.

In front of the station, you also can order a taxi. If you have a lot of luggage, this is probably the most convenient. The taxi will bring you in front of our hotel. Typical cost for a taxi is about 12 Euro.